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Eastwood Trim Hammer

Item #13146 Brand: Eastwood

Ideal for straightening stainless
trim; small enough for tight spots

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Trim Hammer makes fine trim repair simpler, even in tight spots.

  • 3.3-oz. drop-forged head
  • Hickory handle for superb balance and durability
  • 4"-long head

Use the face to remove dents in flat stainless trim, and use the cross pein to work in tight edges and corners.

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About Eastwood Trim Hammer

The drop-forged head is hardened and tempered. Sturdy hickory handle gives it exceptional balance and feel. Imported.


13106 Stainless Steel Trim Buffing Kit


3.3-oz., drop-forged head on this well-balanced hammer is ideal for straightening stainless steel trim, and is small enough to get into most places on a piece of trim.

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