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Eastwood Atomic Red Powder

Item #16059 Atomic Red

Translucent red powder
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Create a one-of-a-kind custom candy finish with Eastwood Atomic Red Powder!

  • Cure Time: 20 Minutes @ 400°F (actual surface temperature)
  • 100% Virgin Powder
  • Gloss Level: High - 80% to 90%+ at 60 Degrees
  • Powder Type: Polyester TGIC
  • Storage: <80°F, well ventilated, <60% humidity
  • Durable enough for under hood applications and heat resistant up to 250 degrees F

This durable translucent top coat acts as a colored tint for your base powder or bare substrate. Apply alone as a single stage, over chrome powder to create brilliant red chrome, or over any other metallic or textured base powder for a dramatic candy finish! When applied over a bright white powder, Atomic orange will appear as a bright fluorescent red.

Split image shows left side over white base and right side over chrome base.

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About Eastwood Atomic Red Powder

Finish: High Gloss
Gloss Level: 80 to 90 at 60 Degrees
Powder Type: Polyester TGIC
Cure Time: 20 Minutes at 400 Degrees Fahrenheit (Actual Substrate Temperature)
Coverage: 1 pound of powder = approximately 20 square feet


8 Ounce powders are packaged in plastic bottles
1 Pound powders are packaged in plastic Bags


When applying powder always apply it in a well ventilated area away from heat sparks and open flame. Always use a respirator rated for dust while applying powder. Always store powders in cool (less than 80 degrees Fahrenheit) dry (60 percent or less humidity) well ventilated area away from heat sparks and open flame.


1 Year


Apply using Eastwood DIY HotCoat Gun 10198 or the Eastwood Dual Voltage HotCoat Gun 11676.

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