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In this video, we will answer
the following questions:

How did we develop the Eastwood
MIG Welder for the DIY guy?

What to look for in a welder?

What are the benefits of using an Eastwood MIG Welder?

What is Argon Gas for and do I need it?

What is included with our MIG welders?

In this video, we will answer
the following questions:

What does your MIG Welder include?

How do I install the mig wire, torch and trigger wires, tip, and nozzle?

How do I hook up the Argon Gas bottle and regulate gas flow?

What settings do I use to weld different thicknesses or gauges of steel?

Let's compare the mig135 to
the lincoln 110v Welder:

Features comparison of the Lincoln 110v to the Eastwood MIG135 welder.

Live weld-off – We weld with both units and compare torch heat, bead quality, and substrate penetration.

Industrial-quality welding
at a diy price:

General product specs on the MIG 135 Eastwood welder in action!