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Eastwood Introduces a New Rust Solution

POTTSTOWN, PA - February 2, 2006 -- The Eastwood Company, a leading provider of restoration and customization tools and supplies, is proud to announce a breakthrough new product: Eastwood Rust Converter™. Our chemists have formulated a rust converter that's more effective than any other converter on the market today. It adheres beautifully to bare or rusty steel, and can be top coated with most coatings after drying overnight.

This new Rust Converter formulation actually consists of two parts: Rust Converter Part A and Converter Wetting Agent Part B. When mixed, these components combine to produce a converter that more effectively wets, penetrates, and reacts with the steel and rust while eliminating air bubbles. Surfaces can be coated by brushing, dipping or spraying.

  • Aggressively converts iron oxide (Rust) to a more stable form
  • Seals and penetrates better than other Rust Converters for more durable protection
  • Can be used on rusty or clean iron and steel surfaces
  • Can be brushed, dipped or sprayed
  • Compatible with most topcoats
  • Topcoat with Eastwood Rust Encapsulator for superior protection and durability
Rust Converter parts A and B are sold in 1 quart (.946 liter) containers. One quart covers about 50 sq. ft.

Rust Converter Results
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