Eastwood MP250i Multi-Process 250 Amp Welder - MIG/TIG/ARC

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Eastwood MP250i Multi-Process 250 Amp Welder - MIG/TIG/ARC
MIG-TIG-ARC Weld with this Elite Multi-Process Welder that's a True DC TIG with High Frequency Start and Foot Pedal for Precision Fabrication.
* This is an upgraded and improved Elite welder with many important additional features and has replaced the popular 21180 MP250i.
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Eastwood Elite


All-In-One Eastwood Welder

When you want a Multi-Process machine that's built to deliver great results with no compromises, you need the Eastwood Elite MP250i. It has all of the features of a standard DC TIG Welder like High Frequency Start and a Rocker Style Foot Pedal so when you switch from MIG to TIG you know you're going to get the same great results you'd expect from a dedicated TIG machine.

When you're doing a full-scale auto restoration, sometimes one welding function, whether it’s MIG or TIG, isn't going to be enough. This machine is completely plumbed for MIG and TIG welding, and the cart holds a gas bottle for each so you can almost instantly switch between functions without changing hoses and regulators like you would with other units. That means everything stays connected and ready to weld, and with a flip of a switch you can go from MIG to TIG welding when you're working on body panels, roll cages, custom-fab parts or other work.

Weld thin sheet metal or up to ½-inch steel plate using these versatile machines. The Elite MP250i doesn't stop there either. You can also stick weld aluminum or add an optional spool gun for MIG welding aluminum.

The Eastwood MP250i Multi-Process 250 Amp Welder Features:

  • Operates on either 120 or 240V
  • Welds steel and stainless
  • Welds aluminum, with optional spool gun
  • IGBT inverter based power supply
  • MIG Welds thin steel sheet metal or up to ½ inch steel plate
  • TIG Welds chrome moly tubing or thin steel sheet metal or stainless up to 3/8 inch thick
  • Arc Welds up to ½ inch steel and stainless
  • Welds aluminum up to 1/4 inch with a spool gun (item 20172 sold separately)
  • Holds either 8 or 12 inch wire spools
  • Square Wave Inverter
  • Fully independent MIG and TIG Gas Systems
  • 10 feet long power cord so you can weld anywhere
  • Holds 2 bottles for both MIG and TIG welding
  • All 3 torches are more than 12 feet long
  • Extra long TIG foot pedal (15.9')
  • Includes gas flow meter
  • Side hooks for easy cable storage
  • True DC TIG welder with foot pedal and high frequency start!
  • WP17 TIG Torch included for greater flexibility
  • Uses .030 to .045 wire
  • Awesome 60% Duty Cycle at the full 250 amps!
Eastwood MP250i Multi-Process 250 Amp Welder


Eastwood MIG 135 Welder
Eastwood MIG 135 Welder

Why Do You Need This Multi-Process Welder?

You want a welder that allows you to Stick, MIG and TIG weld. And you're probably interested in this unit because you'll be able to MIG and TIG weld with a single powerful machine. Most multi-process units are basically MIG welders with a scratch start TIG that greatly limits the abilities of the machine. We designed this machine with a true TIG welding function with a high frequency start and foot pedal like you would get from a welder devoted to TIG welding. This will allow you to not only have the ability to do high quality stick and MIG welds, but also TIG welds, and that is why this is the machine for you.

Eastwood MP250i Welder
Eastwood MP250i Welder

Extra Features You Need

Not only is the Elite MP250i a great machine because it gives you a true TIG welder along with a high quality MIG and Stick, but also the extra features that make your life easier. It easily rolls around your garage on the wheels and casters and even holds two bottles - for MIG and TIG welding. The machine is completely plumbed for MIG and TIG welding, so you can almost instantly switch between functions. We even include a quality gas flow meter for precision adjustments. The cart even has two hooks on the side for all of your cables, which are all more than 12' in length. Whether you're Stick, MIG or TIG welding you'll be happy you bought this machine that comes with a 3 Year Warranty and 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.


  • Included in 2 boxes
  • Eastwood Elite 250 Amp MultiProcess Welder
  • ERGO24 MIG Torch (14.8 feet)
  • WP17 TIG Torch (12 feet)
  • 300 amp Electrode Holder (14.8 feet)
  • 300 amp Ground Cable (14.8 feet)
  • Adaptor Cord (24")
  • TIG consumables
  • 0.030 and 0.035 MIG tips
  • Gas Bottle Chains
  • Gas Hose
  • Gas Flow Meter (C02.Argon)
  • Cable Hooks
  • Contact Tip Wrench
  • Front and Rear Caster Assemblies
  • Bracket to Hold Two Gas Cylinders
  • Foot Pedal for TIG Welding (15.9 Feet)
  • Instruction Manual


Power Voltage (V) 1 phase 240V+/-10%, 1 phase 120V+/-10%
Frequency (Hz) 50/60
No Load Voltage (V) 56V
Rated Input Current (Amps) 240V MIG = 47.3, TIG = 35.7, ARC = 53.5
Rated Input Current (Amps) 120V MIG = 42, TIG = 31.2, ARC = 51.1
Output Current Adjustment (Amps) 240V MIG = 50-250, TIG = 15-250, ARC = 25-250
Output Current Adjustment (Amps) 120V MIG = 50-140, TIG = 15-140, ARC = 25-140
Output Voltage (V) 240V MIG = 16.5-26.5, TIG = 10.6-20, ARC = 21-30
Output Voltage (V) 120V MIG = 16.5-21, TIG = 10.6-15.6, ARC = 21-25.6
Duty Cycle 60% @ 250 AMPS @240 VAC and 60% @ 140 AMPS @120 VAC
Wire Size .030 to .045
Power Factor 0.73
Efficiency (%) 80%
Wire Feed Speed (in/min) 78-629
Post Flow Time(seconds) MIG 1.0+/-0.05 and TIG 5.0+/-0.5
TIG Welding Starting Method High Frequency Start
Cooling Method Fan
Gas System Fully Independent MIG and TIG Systems
Gas Flowmeter Brass, CO2/Argon Compatible
Welding Gas Bottle Capacity Two 80 cu ft Cylinders
Dimensions 30" x 29" x 15"
Weight 159.83 lbs. (72.3 kg)
Plug Type NEMA 6-50P

The rated Duty Cycle refers to the amount of welding that can be done within an amount of time. The Eastwood MP250i has a Duty Cycle of 60% at 250 Amps. It is easiest to look at your welding time in blocks of 10 Minutes and the Duty Cycle being a percentage of that 10 Minutes. If welding at 250 Amps with a 60% Duty Cycle, within a 10 Minute block of time you can weld for 6 Minutes with 4 Minutes of cooling for the Welder. If the Duty Cycle is exceeded, the Welder will automatically shut off, however the fan will continue running to cool the internal components. When a safe temperature has been reached, the Welder will automatically switch the Welder output back on. To increase the Duty Cycle you can turn down the Voltage Output control.

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Always follow manufacturer's instructions for proper safety requirements when performing welding tasks.


3 Year Warranty. Items that ship via Truck are non-refundable or returnable. Repair parts will be provided during warranty period.

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Is the Elite MP250i a true TIG welder?

Yes, it is a true DC TIG welder with High Frequency start, a dedicated argon gas system and a foot pedal. This will efficiently do all TIG welding projects in a variety of metals that are welded with DC current.

Will this machine TIG weld aluminum?

This Machine does not have AC TIG welding functionality and it can not TIG weld aluminum. It can MIG weld aluminum with an optionally available spool gun. (20172 Spool Gun)

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