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A Breakthrough in Economical and Convenient
Infrared Temperature Measurement

  • Infrared Measurement provides safe, noncontact readings.
  • Extremely fast results - only 500msec for 95% response.
  • Simple one-button operation.
  • Hold Function - Freezes display for 7 seconds after button release.
  • Wide 0 to 500°F Range.
  • ± 2% accuracy or ± 2°C (±3°F) over most of the range.
  • Selectable °F/°C display.
  • Ergonomic, compact design.

The economical TempTester IR provides a new price breakthrough in non contact temperature measurement. This practical instrument uses infrared technology to take take temperature readings, so you can take measurements from a safe distance.

Taking temperature measurements has never been easier!!!   Just point the thermometer at your target and push one button. Its fast 500 msec response time makes viewing correct readings practically instantaneous. And, the display holds for 7 seconds after you release the button, which gives you time to record the reading.