Multi-Process Welders

Multi-Process Welders

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Eastwood Multi-Process Welder Units

If you're a full-time auto shop mechanic or just like to perform every inch of your restoration fab work, then a multi-process welder may be the right choice. Each self-contained unit has the ability to perform multiple types welding that are essential when working with body panels and other automotive parts. With one of these babies in your shop, you can join almost any two pieces of steel or aluminum. You'll receive all of the performance advantages and cost savings of Eastwood welders in a single unit.

The MP200i and the MP250i are an advanced solution for busy and skilled workers. Both welders have inverter technology that reduces their overall size and power consumption and provide more adjustability compared to a conventional welder. The Eastwood MP200i welder is rated for welding steel up to 3/8-inch thick using MIG, TIG or arc/stick procedures. The MP250i can do the same processes on ½-inch steel. Adding an optional spool gun will let you work with aluminum as well. We also have ARC Welders with TIG torch attachments and Digital TIG Welders with manual ARC capabilities if you need a 2-process unit.

Combine Units & Save

Having multiple processes available in one piece of equipment provides a number of benefits. Not only do you save money versus buying each type of welder separately, but you also save substantial shop space. Both things can go towards getting the other parts and tools you need for all of your daily work or passion projects. For an even bigger discount, bundle a multi-process welder with a Versa-Cut plasma cutter so you can truly do it all.

Welding for Auto Enthusiasts

Eastwood has been developed premium welders and other award-winning equipment for the DIY community since 1978. With these all-in-one welding machines, you can work on everything from sheet metal to heavy-gauge steel with superior quality. Contact us to learn more about these multi-process inverter welders that are backed by a 3-year warranty.