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Winterizing your vehicle can be one of the most important and difficult things you do for your car. Look to Eastwood for the best in winter preparations! Take a look at the great "Cold Storage" products below, then take a moment to read our Winterizing Tips. Stock up for the winter!


Battery Tenders Keep Batteries Charged All Winter Long
Battery Tender 12V, #25007
Battery Tender 6V, #25006
Battery Tender Jr. 12V, #25070
Battery Tender Jr. 6V, #25072
Battery Tender 4 Bank Charger, #25102
PulseTech 12V Smart Battery Charger, #50351

Other Battery Accessories
Battery Mat, #25048
Battery Shut Off Switch, #25053
Battery Shut Off Switch, Side Terminal, #25009
Battery Shut Off Fuse Link, #25049
Fast Etch Rust Remover

Engine & Cooling System
ZDDP Plus Oil Additive
HyperKuhl High Super Performance Coolant
No-Rosion Cooling Corrosion Inhibitor

Floor Jack Adapters
Floor Jack Adapter For Late Model Cars #43042
Soft Lifter Jack Pad #43183

Eastwood is proud to carry quality auto and seat covers by Covercraft. Check out our wide selection!

Rolling Car Jacks
Rolling Car Jack Set Of 2 1500 lb #43181
Rolling Car Jack 1250 lb set of 2 #43484
Rolling Car Jack 1250 lb set of 4 #43485
Go Jak 1,500 lb rolling Jack Set of 4 #43184
Rolling Car Jack Storage Rack #43182

Reduce Tire Damage During Storage
16"x12" Auto Dollies Set of 4 #43602
16"x16" Auto Dollies Set of 4 #21697
Auto Dolly Rolling Rack #50299
Wall Mount Dolly Dock #50554

Urethane Jack Stand Covers
Urethane Jackstand Covers-Pair-1 1/4in x4.0in #12206

Eastwood's Expert Winterizing Tips:

Putting away your treasured vehicle is one of the most difficult parts of being a car enthusiast. Only one part can be more difficult-that's getting your machine running next spring if you don't prepare it for storage properly. Of course, there is a right way and a wrong way to do the job. Eastwood will walk you through the correct procedures....Read More