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Quality Welding Parts and Accessories

Plasma Cutters, MIG Welders, TIG Welders consumables and replacement parts

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Welder Parts & Consumables

Even high-quality welders need maintenance and replacement parts from time to time. You never want to run out of welding consumables mid-weld, and sometimes torches or pedals can wear out from extended use. Keep your Eastwood welding equipment running like new by using our selection of parts and accessories. We have OEM replacement components to make repairs and offer add-ons and upgrades to get more out of your fabrication work.

MIG & TIG Consumables

Different consumables work best for different welders and metals - and we have them all at Eastwood. Visit our TIG welding supplies section to find red tungsten rods for stainless steel and carbon, green rods for aluminum, bronze welding rods for copper-based metals and classic TIG wire for working with steel. For MIG welder consumables, we have both flux-core wire and solid wire spools for different metals. You can also pick up torch tips, nozzles, holder and insulators that are run through on a regular basis. A welder consumable kit includes everything you need to service your unit.

Quality Welding Parts

This is the place to shop for TIG welder parts, MIG parts and plasma cutter parts for any Eastwood model. Standard cutter welder supplies such as torches, triggers, gas lens cups, foot pedals, drive rollers and spool guns are available in a number of sizes and capabilities to fit different welders. If you own a multi-process welder, you can get parts here as well that will help you TIG or MIG weld more effectively. For plasma cutters, Eastwood has a variety of unit-specific parts such as regulators and electrodes.

Equipment & Service for DIY Auto Work

Servicing your equipment now will save heartache later, and Eastwood has the accessories you need for doing any type of weld on any type of metal. You'll also find compounds such as thermal paste and anti-heat compound for safer metal work no matter what equipment you're using. Visit any part of this section to see what parts are in stock or contact us with any questions.

Eastwood DIY Welding Authority

Worry not — you'll find your welder parts here for your Eastwood welding equipment! These welding accessories include the replacement welding machine parts you need for our MIG 135 and MIG 175 welders, TIG 200 welders, and our Versa-Cut 40 and Versa-Cut 60 plasma cutters. You'll also find consumables like flux-core wire and solid wire for our MIG welders; tungsten rods for TIG welding carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum; and TIG wire for steel. Some of the chemicals available include Anti-Heat Compound and Cold Shield Thermal Paste. Browse this whole section for all the welding parts and accessories you'll need.


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