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Welding and Plasma Cutter Accessories

If you MIG, TIG, ARC or Gas Weld Eastwood has all the welding accessories you need. Without welding accessories completing your projects is almost impossible. Eastwood also has Plasma Cutting accessories to make your job easier.

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Easily Weld aluminum with your MP 140/200i
Only $259.99
Better TIG Welds in Seconds! Works with 1/16” and 3/32” tungsten’s

Starting at: $109.99

Rocker style, precision foot pedal control for 14100 Eastwood TIG 200 DC & 20565 TIG AC/DC
Only $115.99
Rocker style, precision foot pedal control for 12746 Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC
Only $115.99
LED light helps you see what you're welding in tight, dark areas
Only $38.99
The Eastwood MIG Stud Welding Kit transforms your MIG welder into a Stud Welder
Only $113.99
Now you can spot weld with your MIG welder
Only $60.99
Perfect 220V welding extension cord that meets all industry and customer standards.
Only $124.99
Easiest way to achieve a perfect butt weld joint every time!
Only $69.99
Aluminum Solder Rods

Starting at: $57.80

Premium Silver Solder Rods
Only $41.65
Multi Metal Solder Rods

Starting at: $57.80

Provides a perfectly beveled 45° to achieve solid, full-penetration welds.
Only $34.99
Designed to help you through specialized MIG welding tasks
Only $15.99
Great for storing your MIG welder for any period of time.
Only $19.99
TIG 200 ACDC cover
Only $23.99
Adjust your welding angle to get into the perfect position
Only $79.99
Eastwood MP250i Welder Ground Cable
Only $32.99
Eastwood MP250i Welder Electrode Holder
Only $53.99
WP26V TIG torch for the Eastwood MP250i
Only $107.99
Fits both the Eastwood MIG250 and MP250i Welders
Only $149.99
Replacement switch for TIG torch
Only $11.99
Replacement switch for TIG torch
Only $11.99
10 Foot Welder Ground Extension 35-50 Dinse
Only $35.99
Work anywhere in the shop keeping your welder or plasma cutter in its place.
Only $29.99
Electrode Holder with Cable
Only $29.99
Cobra Lower Pressure Regulators with Hose
Only $323.99
Eastwood Welding Flow Meter
Only $69.99
Eastwood ARC Welder TIG Welding Torch
Only $104.99
Plasma Cutting Magnetic Guide Strip
Only $11.99
Ideal for low amperage welding in tight spaces
Only $76.99
MIG 135 Replacement Torch Metal plug
Only $127.99
Great for cleaning or prepping metal surfaces for welding.
Only $12.99
Corner Magnet kit
Only $35.99
Removes stains, corrosion... brightens aluminum surfaces
Only $28.99
Works with your drill to scrape away rust, paint and other coatings
Only $17.99
Preps metal, cleans and etches weld beads, assures proper paint adhesion
Only $23.99
100% cotton jacket is flame-resistant, anti-static, and mildew-resistant

Starting at: $39.99

Stops most hot spatter from burning nearby materials during welding
Only $54.99
Small Welding Jig
Only $8.99
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Eastwood DIY Welding Authority

Eastwood Welder Accessories

Whatever type of welding you do in your shop, you can get the right supplies from the Eastwood Company. We have a variety of welding equipment for sale to use with MIG, TIG, Stick and Flux welders or with your Plasma Cutters when working on fabrication. Dozens of our premium welding products are in stock, and we also have select items from Bloxide, Radnor, Tillman and other brands that we have found trustworthy for DIY enthusiasts.

Welder Parts & Accessories

Keep your welder in top shape for any tough job. Replacement parts such as welder torches, pressure regulators, foot pedals and trigger switches will get you back in business if you have a failure. Or you can get add-ons for added functionality that include MIG Stud Welding Kits, aluminum spool guns, lights and welder extension cords.

Surface Prep & Holders

Get a good weld by getting your metal parts in good shape. Shop today and find rust removal brushes, aluminum cleaner, weldable primer and other supplies. Holders such as magnet kits and panel clamps are other great welding tools for sale to keep everything in just the right position as you weld.

Protective Gear

Safety comes first when working on cars, and welding is no exception. Protect yourself from high heat, spatter or sharp metal with gear such as cut resistant gloves and welding jackets. If you're doing metal cutting and don't need a full-face helmet, plasma shades will give you a barrier against arc rays.

Everything for Better Welding

You can always count on quality equipment from Eastwood welder dealers, but shopping at our web store means you'll have access to the best accessories as well. Begin your search today with the assistance of the experts in our shops.


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