Paint Guns

Popular HotRodding uses the Concours Paint Gun

Paint Guns

Does your paint gun date back to the Carter administration? A lot has changed since then, and modern paints are formulated for a new breed of high air volume, low pressure spraying. If you want your paint job to look its best, you need the right HVLP gun to spray it, and Eastwood has everything for hobbyist or the old pro. Featuring our own exclusive professional quality Concourse and Evolution guns, as well as DeVilbiss, Badger, Iwata, Binks and more, we've got you covered. Whether you are just learning to paint your first car, or an expert, we can help. Painting a car is a major job and we are here to make sure you produce truly professional results.

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Includes full-size HVLP spray gun, mini detail gun, and more

Only $199.00

Sale $159.99

Spray-on a "show-car" finish; powered by your home compressor

Only $159.99

Sale $139.99

Enhanced atomization technology sprays latest primers, heavy coatings

Only $257.70

Sale $214.99

Includes 2 HVLP spray guns— 1 for priming, 1 for top-coating

Only $204.95

Sale $164.99

Devilbiss HVLP StartingLine Gun 1.5mm no cup
The AZ3HV2-13G Spray Gun is affordable and perfect for sealing jobs.
Only $150.99
Highly efficient for fewer coats, less materials

Only $539.00

Sale $407.88

The WS400-1301HD is ideal for nearly any type of refinishing clear coat work.
Only $797.99
Devilbiss Starting Line Paint Gun 1.8mm with Chart
Only $69.99
Devilbiss Starting Line Gun 1.5mm w Regulator Kit
Only $99.99
Affordable Concours: full-size HVLP gun and 2 tips
Only $199.99
Devilbiss Starting Line 2 Guns w DeKups Starter Kit
Only $172.79
Devilbiss Starting Line Gun 1.8mm w 34oz DeKups Kit
Only $154.99
Eastwood's ElastiWrap®Kit has everything you need to dip any size of recreational vehicle.
Devilbiss Starting Line Gun 1.8mm w Regulator Kit
Only $99.99
Professional quality all-in-one HVLP turbine spray system specially developed for automotive refinishing
Only $1,299.99
Devilbiss Starting Line Gun 1.5mm w Cleaning Kit
Only $89.99
Hybrid gun with HVLP compliance and conventional speed, 1.4mm tip for clear coat
Only $797.99
Tekna ProLite Pressure Feed Gun 1.0 1.2 1.4 703663

Only $589.00

Sale $499.99

The LPH400-134LV Gun is great for professional automotive coat jobs.
Only $479.99
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