Magnetic disc 1.9 in and 2 .4 in

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Magnetic disc. .1.9 in and 2 .4 in

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Re-usable high temperature silicone masking discs can withstand up to 500F which makes them perfect for powder coating but will also work for painting. The silicone seals around the edges for a great mask. Combine with our high temperature tapes to make it easy to mask areas with curves. Each disc will mask 2 different size areas, this one specifically covering 1.9 in and 2 .4 in. The combination of high temperature silicone and high temperature magnets ensure many uses.

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Apply to clean prepped metal surface to area to be masked. Next, apply painter powder. If powder coating, leave on part while baking.


Always wear eye,skin and respiratory protection when powder coating or painting

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