Tips & Tricks For Better Welds on Sheet Metal

Tips & Tricks For Better Welds on Sheet Metal

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This video will teach you:

1. Torch and Tungsten Selection and Set Up.

2. Filler Rod Selection.

3. Techniques for Welding Sheet Metal While Preventing Blow-Through.

Eastwood has all the TIG welding accessories you need, whether you're looking for the proper safety gear, a cart to hold your welder, or just common consumables, tungstens and filler rods. Eastwood offers a complete range of welding helmets and carts - from standard carts to the Pro Cart that can actually hold a MIG and TIG Welder with gas bottles for both, saving a lot of space in your shop.

You should also check out the supplies we have to make your job easier, like tungsten grinders to decrease contamination and improve your welds, heavy duty welder extension cords, gas lens kits and rocker style foot pedals if you're looking to upgrade. Don't forget a jacket and TIG welding gloves or a few sizes of tungstens and filler rods for all the jobs you'll be working on with your Eastwood TIG.