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Steering Wheel Repair Kit

  1. Step 1. Review manual to remove steering wheel from vehicle.
  2. Step 2. Wash the steering wheel with dish washing detergent and water.
  3. Step 3. Wipe down wheel with PRE Painting Prep repeatedly with clean rags until surface is clean.
  4. Step 4. Use a triangular file to “V” out any cracks down to the metal frame. Filling narrow cracks without “V”ing out will lead to early failure. The PC-7 will easily fill the widened repair area.
  5. Step 5. Mix PC-7 per label instructions and apply, slightly overfilling the repair areas.
  6. Step 6. Dip your finger in water and smooth the repair immediately after application. This should minimize sanding and yield a smooth surface.
  7. Step 7. Allow the repairs to fully harden overnight.
  8. Step 8. Sand repair area(s) with 220 grit wet or dry paper and finish up with 320 grit.
  9. Step 9. Wipe wheel thoroughly with PRE Painting Prep and allow to dry. DO NOT handle cleaned wheel with bare hands, use disposable gloves.
  10. Step 10. Following label instructions, apply several light coats of Adhesion Promoter to entire wheel.
  11. Step 11. Apply finish of choice within 30 minutes.