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Products Featured:
Buff Wheel Set Four 10 Inch Buffs 3/4 Hole
This Set includes one each of the 10" Buffs with
3/4" diameter hole: Sisal, Spiral, Canton and Loose.


Eastwood 1/2 HP Buff Motor
High-quality 1/2-HP Buff Motor is the easily affordable unit rugged enough for everyday use


Face Shield With Ratcheting Headgear
Safety comes first!


Eastwood Buffing Kit
17pc Polishing Kit has everything you need to add a lustrous shine to automotive parts and more


Greaseless Compound (4pc Set)
Ideal for aggressive removal of material prior to buffing.


Autosol Metal Polish
Whether putting the final touch on a polished aluminum valve cover, alloy wheels, stainless steel trim nautical hardware or...