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How Do I Buff Aluminum?

The wide range of material properties associated with aluminum make it suitable for an equally wide range of automotive component applications. Aluminum has been used for everything from wheels to manifolds, turbo housings, trim and castings. Getting aluminum to reveal its inner beauty requires a variety of different techniques to establish and preserve the ultimate shine. Typically aluminum is softer than its steel counterpart and tends to buff faster, however problems such as casting porosity often necessitate using a ventilated buff where the varying "bias" of the buff prevents compound from “loading” in the pores of the material. Unlike steel that reacts with the atmosphere by rusting, aluminum oxidizes, implying that the buffing process is often a two-step matter of removing the oxidization and then bringing out the luster. Once the shine is established, it is important to preserve your work to prevent the brilliant surface from dulling using clear coating products such as Diamond Clear, Zoops Seal or Clear Hotcoat Powder coating. Eastwood offers the complete range of buffs, compounds and coatings to help make your project a success.

1/3 HP Buff Motor

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