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Abrasive Blasting
Frequently Asked Soda Blasting Ouestions

Body & Fender


Featured Articles
Why Buy From Eastwood?
  NEW! Electroplating System
A Labor of Love Valeriano Camaro Story   NEW! MIG Welding Basics
    What is Soda Blasting

Powder Coating

Electroplating System
Eastwood's Gas Tank Sealer   Metal Blackening System For Iron & Steel Parts
Eastwood's Throatless Shear   Eastwood's MIG 135 Welder
Eastwood's MIG 175 Welder With Spool Gun   GM "On Wire" Alternator Installation
Eastwood's Liquid Chrome Paint & Liquid Chrome Clear   Metal Protect Usage & Instructions
Eastwood's Internal Frame Coating   Eastwood Engine Turning (Damascening) Instructions
Shrinking Disc Operating Instructions   Stitch Welder Instructions
Stitch Welder (With Out Welding Rods) Operating   Alumiweld System
Eastwood's Spot Weld Gun Operating Instructions   Eastwood Jumbo Parts Tumbler
Eastwood's Tubing Roller   Spot Blaster Maintenance
Deluxe Battery Shut Off Switch   Brake Tube Flaring Tool
Eastwood's Shrinker Stretcher   Eastwood Adjustable Guide Fence Installation
Metal Working System   Eastwood Large Capacity English Wheel
Eastwood's Airbrush Kit With Compressor Operating Instructions   Stitch Welder Instruction Manual
Eastwood's Aerosol High Temperature Exhaust Manifold Coatings   Eastwood Weld Up English Wheel
2k Ceramic Chassis Black   Airbrush Kit With Compressor
Body Solder Diffuser Tip   Eastwood Buffing Kit
Concours Hvlp Paint Spray Gun   Cylinder Head Porting Kit
Deep Scratch Removal Kit For Glass   Eastwood Dual Blaster
Dual Voltage Powder Coating System   Eastwood Epoxy Primer
Economy Vibratory Tumbler Gen-II   Exhaust Manifold Smoothing Kit
Extreme Chassis Black Gloss   Extreme Chassis Black
Extreme Chassis Black Primer Formulated   Extreme Chassis Black Primer
Extreme Chassis Black Satin 3x   Extreme Chassis Black Satin
Eastwood Fender Finisher   Eastwood Fender Roller
High Temp Caliper Paint   High Temp Engine Paint
No Weld Panel Repair Kit   Plastic Headlamp Refinishing Kit
Soda Blast Retrofit Kit For Alc Abrasive Blast Units   Soda Blaster For Alc Abrasive Blast Units
Stainless Steel Epoxy Topcoat   Steering Wheel Repair Kit
Tubing Roller Motorized Kit   Urethane Candeez Product Information Guide
Eastwood Urethane Candeez Safety Instructions   Eastwood Urethane Paint
Infrared Powder Curing Lamp   Eastwood Hot Coat Powder Coating System
Infrared Light Cure System   Buffing Metal Finishing
Wheel Smoothing Buffing Kit   Standard Heavy Duty Tumbler Systems
Cyclone Abrasive Blast Cabinets   Soda Blast Retrofit Kit
Proformer Professional Tubing Bender  

Metal Shop



Plastic/Glass Repair

Rust Prevention
EW Interior rust spray   NEW! Rust Protection Done Right
NEW! The Oxidation Proclamation:
Ending Your Slavery to Rust

Garage Tips & Q&A

Tech Tips

Welding Basics & Buyers Guide   NEW! Plasma Cutting 101
NEW! Versa-Cut 40 Plasma Cutter – PSI & Amp Settings   NEW! Versa-Cut 60 Plasma Cutter – PSI & Amp Settings

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